Among other things, Japanero is very inspired by humans:

jacksonChiang Mai, Thailand

For example, this specific human being in Chiang Mai…
This is already the second year that we are spending late night hours in mango sticky rice booth.
He is living with passion and determination. Ready to evolve.
The first year he had a small booth with simple speakers and nice music.
Already the second year he surprised us with small LCD screen on which the concert of Michael Jackson in Bucharest (1992) was playing.
With a smile on his face, dedication in his hands, music in his ears and it is nice to see this humble person managing life with satisfaction. Selling on the streets simple Sticky Mango Rice.


Bali Ubud,

There are moments in the life of perfect powerlessness, of clear understanding and accepting that there is nothing you can do. At moments like this, it is necessary to proudly retreat and seek a solution from outside. In just a moment of mindlessness, the bike seat dropped to its place with a ‘click’, taking hostage the key of that very bike. Being locked out of your own bike is no good, there must be a way to pick that lock… A-ha! That’s a job for a lock picker! The lockpicker was humble. It seemed like he wasn’t aware of his role as a savior, as he quietly proceeded to explore the key hole. With his tool- a piece of metal wire- he went deeper and deeper, translating the shape of the hole to a sequence of digits on the screen of his loyal Nokia phone. As soon as the mapping of the hole was complete, the lockpicker turned to shape the standard, straight key to match that specific keyhole. He carved the indents in the key according to the digit sequence on his phone that specify the depth of the indent. Digit after digit, carve after carve, the key was reshaping and gaining an identity of its own. The bike seat was re-opened, releasing a sweet feeling of getting away with a mistake. Master lockpicker began nonchalantly packing his few tools. Who knows for how many more people he presents a second chance each day… “Thank you, dear lockpicker! Please accept this banana”

Okinawa, Japan

Inspiration from your eyes.
Caligraphy manifests.
The sound of the waves.


Shizuoka, Japan

When a sound can touch.
Moving around with more than 2o instruments, what can I add.