The H&STAND Platform

Is a community, off- and online, created to support, motivate, inspire and educate all interested movers of the benefits of being upside down on their arms.

Apart from our online sharing of news, tips, tricks, FAQs and inspiring content, we will be organising various H&STAND retreats for you in beautiful locations with kickass teachers from around the globe. They will present their progressions exercises and training programs and will give you their personal spark of handstand magic.

Our H&STAND philosophy

You might well wonder… why handstands? While others completely understand the fascination. Think about it as: Heart above the head and changing the way ‘things’ usually flow.

Handstand is whole body exercise and requires many motor capabilities. However, not only do you need to understand your body for a well aligned and stable h&stand, but also you need to connect to your mind. Which makes the h&stand a sweet spot between physical and mental exercise. Like yoga, just with a more communicative and playful approach. And… doing a straight and effortless handstand will guarantee you a nice posture when standing on your feet.

Learning h&stands is a process, probably more difficult than learning how to walk. Or things don’t come so easily to the adult body any more than when we used to be 2 years old and the distance to the floor was too small to consider scary. So by trying to acquire you h&stand you will be back in your mind to the playfulness and curiosity of childhood where failing is not an issue and stubbornness is a virtue. And the training never stops. It is fun for a lifetime to be upside down!

H&STAND events:

4-day handstand training with Blox in Berlin -> 19.-22.01.2019






5-day handstand retreat with Juampi and friends –> 14.-19.06.2018





Interviews about h&stand:



ELLIO BLOX – Blox Acrobatics