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Golden week is golden opportunity that comes Only Once a year to have time off from work and free space in our mind to learn a new art.

We are more than happy to invite you to learn and strengthen the fundamentals of acroyoga In a safe and supportive environment.

We Teachers are from 4 different corners of the planet and empowered by the local teachers wish to share with you the skills and the International language of acroyoga which is the bridge to communicate with yogis around the globe even without knowing English ( yeyyyy !!! )

Our main goal is to leave behind us A community that is more supportive, have better skills in spotting and to plant the seeds for those who want to develop to be a teacher, jam bassssor and community leaders.

It was important to make this event residential so that we get more time to connect and share as well as to know each other better and learn from you

The Mystical Woody Pal Forest is the perfect location for this purpose. It will be difficult to go home that is promised