Event Start Date:
June 24, 2018
Event End Date:
June 29, 2018
Event Venue:
Lake Bohinj, Julian Alps, Slovenia

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32 hours training 
max 16 students 
French/English medium

Content: throu the vision of embryology science learning the anatomy and physiology of the visceral in relation to the spine and nervous system.

From the structure, we drive into the softer tissues the applied technics are more gentle and with a smaller range of motion.
It is here where wuotai gestures really shine listening first then initiate a dialogue with the tissues, then inviting the organs onto our hands rather than directly approaching them, which is less invasive.


Japanero Productions is triple delighted to host in Lake Bohinj two modules of WuoTai and bodywork LABS taught by Rollan & Nathalie, the founders of Wuotai Federation!

We are glad you ask 🙂

Delighting factor number one :


This is an invitation from Rollan and Nathalie to explore grace in motion. Harbour of possibilities born out of profound osteopathic understanding infused with the dynamism of the DANCE, taught with such an explosive passion that is rarely seen.
DISCLAIMER !! You WILL fall in love with bodywork if you haven’t already by now; +)
Even if you are not totally captured by this style of practice, whatever might be your personal practice, by assimilating wui tai into it, you are definitely upgrading your therapeutic toolbox, ask those who have come in contact with WuoTai 🙂

Delighting factor number two :

In this gateway to Balkan and ALPS. We found perfect resonance between the abundance and playful nature of lake Bohinj and the vast ocean that wuotai IS.

Delighting factors number three:

The modules will be taught in English and French to a small group of max 16 students
That assures personal guidance.

We will reside close to savica water fall, in a super cozy apartments complex (bathroom & kitchen veranda in every apartment ) the members of the nomadic clan in a quest for knowledge will find it too homely to leave 🙁 as it happens with japanero during scouting tour , therefore we are back again this year.

The venue belongs to an outdoor activities centre ( crazy things in the lake and up the mountains )
We will be entitled to discounts to all the offered activities 

investment price: 
– until 15/3 680 euro (or first 8 registrations)
– after 15/3 745 euro

registration : deposit 275 euro non refundable ,no cancellation .

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Our cook:

Daphne Tsatsou

These days everybody is crazy about superfoods. Japanero also likes all the possible nuts, berries, herbs, spices… But ingredients are like Legos. Individual pieces don’t mean much; add a touch of magic to them and you can build wonderous shapes. And we have found a magic wand! Daphne is a magician when it comes to transforming ordinary food into a wonderland for sophisticated palates. More important from having superfoods is to have a super cook. And we have found her!