Event Start Date:
June 29, 2018
Event End Date:
July 2, 2018
Event Venue:
Bohinj, Slovenia

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LABS platform gathers hungry therapists in order to deepen the
understanding and application of bodywork principles. 

LABS is an important step in the paradigm shift that is happening in the world of bodywork,
a shift that attempts to
Add grace and beauty to osteopathic technic as well as to Close the gap between the table and the floor adding precision and efficiency to the groundwork, 
along with a global approach that proves that two hands are too little we ought to engage our whole body and heart in this therapeutic dance, 

understanding the wide range of temperaments among the therapists , LABS is an invitation to explore and create contemporary expressions making your own signature in this art.

What else is unique about LABS?

The investigation classes will be interactive so
Apart from the teachers syllabus, the participant will send questions prior to the course about principles they would like to investigate into the depths 

prereqs : 
– solid bodywork practice
– attitude :- want to play want to learn want share, 
– love music & appreciate dance 

Rollan and Nathalie combes will share their vision of contemporary bodywork that results from their experience of thousands of patients in their clinic in France .

material covered :

CHI RETENTION for internal organs 

the art:
TO LEARN AND DEVELOP PRINCIPLES of contemporary manual therapy currents 

20 hours of training 
max capacity : 16 student 

investment: up to 15/5 /2018 -350 euro
from 16/5 420 euro