Event Start Date:
June 14, 2018
Event End Date:
June 19, 2018
Event Venue:
Ukanc 67A, SI- 4265 Bohinj, Slovenija

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Capacity max. 15 students
This 5-day retreat will empower you in your handstand practice and give you a roadmap to master your inversions with grace! Sounds great, right? So here is what’s in for you:
The retreat is open to all levels and it will be tailored to each participant. From students that are still in fear as soon as they find themselves inverted, to students that are about to master the one-arm handstand: there will be something for everybody.
We will focus on smart and hard training and the understanding of the human body when it is upside down with gravity. With a multitude of exercises, ranging from playful to seemingly impossible, you will find yourself inverted with finding comfort in it.
——->>>>>>>> Wake-up-and-Train-Hard Mornings: with a lot of different exercises, drills and individual coaching we will give you enough tools to continue your practice on your own in the future. We give you the opportunity to feel your advances quick and find out where your personal weakness lies (in handstand that is, not getting so personal so quickly!)
Juampi is the kind of coach that can detect where the mistake in your practice lies. He will give you a multitude of exercises tailored to this so you can out-train this little mistake of yours as quickly as possible.
— — — — –>>>>>>>> Playful Afternoons – there will be more playful sessions of doing inversions, for example with other people, tables, props, water (?!) … also we will bring attention to injury prevention especially focusing on shoulders, lower back and wrists.
Apart from learning handstands, students will gain knowledge and understanding of motor skills and corporal embodiment of all the acrobatic inverted positions… all through this journey of learning handstands.
You will not use this knowledge only in your own practice but also to train and coach other people.
And finally, to round things up after all the hard training we will have some yoga, hiking and Thai massage sessions.
Post about Teachers will follow but as a little anticipation: We are a fun group with positive vibes, in love and enthusiastic about inversions and movement. From a variety of nationalities, with different senses of humour and approaches, we are looking forward to a supportive environment and some fun learning.
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All including shared accommodation and yummy healthy food!
Early Bird until 15. March or first 8 students: 390 €
Late Bird (Normal Price): 470 €
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Very much looking forward to this!
Juampi & friends