Event Start Date:
July 16, 2018
Event End Date:
July 22, 2018
Event Venue:
Lake Bohinj, Julian Alps, Slovenia
Quantum Soul Retreat 2018

barefootyoga.me Retreats for Heart n’ Soul
In our Retreats we are teaching basic and advanced techniques with 8 hours of daily
practice including Acrobatics, Functional Movement, Yoga, Contact Improvisation &
Bodywork. Together we are going to explore the offerings of a professional movement
based mentoring customised to the practitioner’s individual level and needs. This journey
of self-discovery will not only help you to deepen your practice but will also unfold an
essential aspect of your most inner self.
About the Practice:
This retreat is offering you a wide range of playful elements, including important principals
of Acrobatics (L-basing, Partner-Acro, Whips, Pops & Flows), Monkey Business, Open
Play, Contact Improv, Axis Syllabus and much more. The heart of this week will be about
cultivating trust, strength and flexibility, within ourselves and as a community of dedicated
Your Holliday Package:
Alongside the intensive practice (its up to you how many classes you’re going join) you will
find many opportunities to spend your time outdoors. You have the chance to refresh
yourself in the Lake Bohinj, take a walk around the lake, explore the surrounding nature of
Triglavski National Park and visit the stunning Sevica waterfalls. If you love water this is
the place to be! Local sport agencies are offering you different activities like cave
explorations, SUP or rafting. Bled, a beautiful Slovenian town close by, and has some cosy
coffee shops to offer.
Daily routine:
Following an extensive warmup in functional movement & yoga, you will learn how to build
up the day with an important skill set in Acrobatics. In this time of the day each one of you
will find their own level and achievements. The integration and focus on inversions,
handstands & L-basing will be an important foundation to kick off into the day. In the
afternoon we dedicate our time to the playful side of moving. The integration of new flows
and high level progressions will be your main game. We will round the day up with a feasty
dinner and a final connective bodywork practice and yin yoga.
08:00-09:30 Warm Up
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:30 Handstands & Foundations
13:30-16:00 Lunch & Siesta
16:00-18:30 Flows & Progressions
18:30-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:30 Bodywork &Yin Yoga
• Basics & Technique
• Flow & Rhythm
• Choreography & Body language
• Partner Calibrations & Progressions
• Endless Fun & Community Spirit
• Good news ~ All Levels are welcome!
Special focus of this Retreat:
• Beginner/Intermediate participants will learn a wholistic fundation in Acrobatics, Yoga &
• Intermedaite/Advanced participants will be focusing on L-basing Tempos (whips, pops &
dynamic entries/exits, as well the art of hand2hand
The Venue:
Surrounded by mountains and crystal clear water we will find shelter in the midst of
natures finest, quiet and serene. The gentle humming of the river is so omnipresent that
it’ll be easy to pour our full energy into the adventure of movement exploration. Follow the
river for about 3 minutes to reach Lake Bohinj and enjoy the fresh water up close. Every
night when the sky is clear and the moon comes out, it is an breathtaking experience to
gaze at the moon reflected on the lake.
Dining with us:
We strive to provide you local and seasonal food from eco-villages and organic markets
around the area. Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian delights from
our barefootyoga.me kitchen.
Your Quantum Soul Team 2018:
Ishine Gape
Is well known for his dynamic, humorous and at the same time profound teaching. He is a
trained massage therapist, yoga and acrobatics teacher, social worker and globetrotter
and has been working in the field of body works for more than 10 years. Gabriel is the
owner and creator of barefootyoga.me and spreads his love for movement and teamwork
all over Austrian and Europe. His goal is to lead people back into a life filled with joy and
Gabriel: ‚The only way into valuable, free and sustainable living is to recognise
the value of community and the confrontation on every little layer.‘
David Suppan
Creator of Simian Yoga, reaches out to evolutionary movement, training body and mind
holistically. With his experiences in Yoga, Capoeira, Parkour and athletic sports, David
unites a lot of components from different disciplines to track you to your inner self. David
lives in Graz, Austria with his family and works as a Yoga and Movement
teacher. Explore your body with playfulness. Find new paths and experience what you
are made for.

Anna Van Scharrel
Anna has received her dance training at the Professional School for Ballet and Dance in
Graz and is currently studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. She
is an integral member of the barefootyoga.me community and because of her background
she integrates a set of artistic qualities into our teaching.
Anna will guide you through the
retreat with her energetic, open-hearted and empathetic style. Anna is a dancer, musician,
full-time Acrobat and one of our earliest barefootyoga.me member.

Patrizia Liebisch
Patrizia is an open hearted and empathic sunshine, whoes aim is to live life light and in
balance. She dedicates her love to nature and traveling to places where unspoiled nature
still can be found. And just because everything in life should be balanced, her home are
the mountains and oceans equally. Patrizia’s movement practice is mainly characterized
by acrobatics, climbing, slacklineing and yoga.
Patrizia will accompany you through this
Retreat with empathy and an sympathetic ear. No matter if you have a question during our
daily practice or if you need an extra blanket.
Alfonso Sabaidee
A psychologist converted into an Acromonkey. Alfonso is a passionate and tireless learner
of Acroyoga and Acrobatics since the first moment he discovered it. Partner Acrobatics
teacher and Cofounder of AcroWings. With this project Alfonso and Céline have been
travelling and teaching around Europe sharing their love for Pops, Whips, Balance and
Standing Acro in numerous workshops and conventions.
Humour, challenges and tecnique
are the pillars of his teaching practice. Let yourself be encouraged by his energy and
enthusiasm to face your limits in a safe and fun environment.
Celine Libeer
Born in a family of gymnast, Gymnastics were her first passion. She has been practicing
gymnastics for over 20 years and teaching it for more than 10. Travelling around the world,
she immediately was seduced by the beautiful disciplines of yoga and acroyoga, falling in
love after with acrobatics. Part of a duo called Acrowings,she travels and teaches around
Europe whips, pops, balance and standing acro, her favourite skills.
If she is not teaching,
you can always find her being thrown high in the air in any acrobatics convention or jam in
the world.
Language: This retreat will be taught in English and German (if necessary).
Beginning & End times of the Retreat:
Arrival: Monday July 16th, 2018 – Your rooms will be available at 3 pm. Around 6 pm we
will offer you dinner including a welcome circle & introduction at 8 pm.
Departure: Sunday July 22nd, 2018 – We will conclude our retreat with the breakfast and
departure at 10 am the latest.
The price includes:
6 x Lodging (Rooms: have all included f.e. towels, bedsheets etc.)
3 warm vegetarian meals a day
8 hours of teachings daily
Holiday and training all rolled into a juicy package
Register here: Please click this link for further Information about your booking:
Ukanc 67a,
4265 Bohinj, Slovenia
By Car:
Ljubljana – Bohinj 1:20 h
Graz – Bohinj 3:15 h
Vienna – Bohinj 5:00 h
Munich – Bohinj 4:40 h

By Plane:
Nearest Airport is Ljubljana (85 km) / There is a bus going every one hour and the bus
station is just 3 min away from our venue (If you plan on taking this bus, please let us
know and we will send you further details); A Uber Taxi from the airport costs about €50,00
– €70,00 (check out car pooling)
Car pooling:
Looking for a ride? Post your inquiry on our facebook event page “barefootyoga.me –
Spring Upside Down” or have a look in the doodle car pooling link we have send you with your registration.
Email: info@barefootyoga.me
Facebook: www.facebook.com/barefootyoga.me
The hosting of this Retreat is supported by Japanero –
Love, Light and Happiness your,
barefootyoga.me Team