Japanero productions is a company that creates ” out of the box” body& mind development educational events around the globe from Japan to habanero 🙂


Chapter I: ORIGINS

The rise of JAPANERO.

The REACTION between wild and raw passion for learning & explosive desire to create THAT which we want to happen resulted in what is now known to the world as JAPANERO.




The ideal world for the Japanero community is one where you learn and educate each other in a variety of skills, and an environment where we don’t have to take ourselves so seriously anymore.

We strongly believe that a learning process is delivered in its cleanest form if you bring opposite types of people and skills together (or at least not two of the same). There is only so much an Orang Utan can learn from another Orang Utan, but let him meet the Gorilla and let’s see what happens, right? Anyhow….

Our motivation to create this community of curious minds comes first from our our own interest in such a group. We want to open doors and bring people together that pursue the same goal: educate themselves about other people’s skills and passions, while having a great time.

Second of all we have spend our past years deeply involved in various body and mind practices communities and have several combinations of people and skills we would like to bring together to create something NEW. Now, wouldn’t that be exciting?

Whilst we are best at where our passion lies, we often see that combining certain types of activities might bring around something new, cool, interesting and creative. Something we could all get crazy about in the next years.

Point of the story is, Japanero is the start of a multicultural scene for different opinions and mindsets for everyone to educate themselves further and stay curious.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3, where we will be talking about our events



We think that creating events is the best tool to go about this (what we explained in Chapter 2, don’t be lazy to read it) but don’t believe for one second that that is all we do.

We just created a very delicious, yummy and maybe too spicy sauce, mixing habanero (the most spicy chile in Mexico) with wasabi. Another example of a combination that just works out too well to ignore.

But back to the events. There will be two types of events we organise. First, we are creating events where we bring together amazingly skilled and interesting teachers we were able to meet and learn from on our way. Second, we will organise the events and will be teaching ourselves. In that case, in a very humble way, we believe that we are able to share something worthwhile with everyone.

One important factor for our events is our location. In the spirit of what we explained above we believe that people need to be brought out of context and out of their comfort zone in order to awaken new creativity, ideas and motivation.


We welcome you to collaborate and co-create events with us.

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Japanero productionsは、形にとらわれない身体とマインドの目覚めを促すイベントを世界中で行っています。 コラボレーション企画や、新たなイベント企画なども随時行っております。 お気軽にお問い合わせください: