It’s a great pleasure for to present Juan Pablo Travaglini, or as he is most commonly known: Juampi from Argentina! He is a source of inspiration for us, not only as a coach and a dear friend but also as a clown (by definition) and one of the funniest characters that have touched our hearts.

He dedicated his life to training and teaching handstands and combined acrobatics in Latin America. This guy was trained all over the place and in various disciplines: floor acrobatics and handstands, gaucho skills (equestrian acrobatics / volting) and yoga martial arts in spaces like Circo La Arena, Circo Criollo and Club de Trapecistas (all in Argentina), Circo Para Todos (Colombia), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Acroyoga (Intl.) and Partner Acrobatics (Intl.).

And on top, he was trained by Russian high-performance acrobatic coaches and the ones that have trained with him know what that entails…

In short .. he is one bad ass coach and practitioner that you want to meet and learn from.

Juampi’s words:

Since I was a kid, I marked a strong excess of energy, so at home, I was put in to take it out through sports.
Martial arts like kung fu and karate in my childhood. As I grew up since I was a little boy in the field between horses and cows, I did horseback riding and gaucho skills thus having my first contact with the arts of going round and round. The adrenaline came in my adolescence with extreme sports like downhill or mountain biking. Adventure sports such as trekking and high-performance cycling came a little bit later.With 21 years I learned Yoga, precisely Hatha Yoga. And then came the circus and my love of acrobatics. 10 years ago I trained uninterruptedly handstands and combined floor acrobatics. I formed in sheds and cultural centres.

The school of “Circo del Mundo” in Santiago de Chile gave me my training as an acrobat. 8 years ago I came in touch with Acroyoga for the first time and from there I entered this beautiful family.

H&STAND: Why do you like handstands?
Juampi: I like handstands because it’s a practice that offers you the opportunity to be fully present and focused; because if you do it properly you work both your physical and mental bodies; because it’s also a spiritual journey.
H&STAND: What do handstands represent to you?
Juampi: Handstands represent kind of a “religion” to me. When I’m doing my training sessions I have the vision that I can work on my fears, my confidence, my security, I can learn from my strengths and my weaknesses. 
In the same way, when I’m in my classes with my students, I empower them to overcome their frustrations or their anxiety to get to their goals.
The quintessence about handstands is that the journey is just as important as the goal. If you only see the goal you will not enjoy the journey.
H&STAND: And where do you get the motivation to train so much?
Juampi: My motivation hhmmm hard to say…
1) An Argentinian horsebreaker, a Gaucho called Raul. He worked all his life from 4 am to 10 pm with horses. What inspired me from him was the patience during the process, the routine of work, no matter what happened he was working.
2) When I was young I learned Kung Fu from Sifú Quiroga. He taught me about respect and devotion to the practice and to the master. If you believe in somebody or something no matter what or who is, you surrender and you follow that with all your soul.
3) My personal desire of being a better version of myself every day. It is a chance to choose if you want to grow you need energy, heart and lot of effort and dedication.