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Japanero - suspended from above

Japanero productions creates "out of the box" body & mind development educational events around the globe from Japan to habanero ;)

what we offer

well being approach


it is omnipresent, so why not to be selective


constantly searching for new ideas, join us

Japanero Acroyoga Immersions

As you probably already know Japanero likes to spot, fly and base. And we will do all of these in… Read More

Japanero salsa

Hello humaneros and habaneros! We have a salsa delights for you. Read More

Japanero starts laboratory

Japanero had an idea to start a  laboratory about the human body, movement, bodywork, therapy and general well-being. First LABS… Read More

Japanero productions

Whatever anyone may say about me it is true , and also it’s opposite.

Japanero productions

Confession: I am allergic to small talk. It gives me anxiety. But if you want to get honest and vulnerable and weird for a little bit, I am totally down for it.

Japanero productions

To the point woman, with positivity to share and things to learn. Dreamer on a daily basis, realist in secrecy. Professional mango eater available for hire!

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